To our STS-ACS clients & friends,

As you know, DAS has been working on a webinar presentation that provides you with an overview of the new Version 2.9 changes that have been initiated in the STS-ACS National Database.  As you are probably aware, the STS has been updating the Training Manual on regular basis since implementing these newest changes. These updates, while extremely helpful to all of us as abstractors, are proving to provide much more specificity and clarifications to the updates, so DAS will provide the webinar presentation on the version 2.9 changes AFTER the AQO meeting this month.  Please be on the lookout for more information on this upcoming webinar presentation in your inbox.



To our clients and friends,

As you are aware, the STS-Adult Cardiac Surgery database has undergone some major changes recently, effective with July 1, 2017 discharges.  DASpecialists is working on a presentation to present these changes to you in an interactive webinar setting, but as you are aware, the updates and clarifications have been anything but static so it is taking a bit longer to produce this webinar as we do not want to just recite the definitions to you.

In the meantime, DASpecialists recommends that if you are ready to start entering your July 1, 2017 discharges, you should have your third-party database vendor upload and install the newest version, 2.9.  Also, physician participation is now part of the database elements.  DASpecialists recommends having your surgeons complete the Worksheets as provided by the STS for all applicable procedures.  These worksheets can be found on the STS website.

Stay tuned for more information on the webinar for version 2.9!