"I truly just want to give your organization feedback with regards to the exceptional value of such a program/opportunity"

S.A.,  Akron General, Akron OH

“DASpecialists (DAS) have provided abstraction support to Rex Healthcare’s core measure program for more than five years.  DAS has been a constant and reliable resource for Rex, providing day to day support as well as last minute help with data abstraction needs.  Our data abstraction scores have always exceeded 95%.  We wholeheartedly recommend DAS for abstraction needs..”

Susan M. Sherman, RN, PhD, 
Director, Quality Programs at Rex Healthcare, Raleigh NC


"I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to do this very important presentation. It was very informative and very helpful to me. I do appreciate everyone's efforts in helping us meet this big change in the STS v2.73 documentation and abstraction process" 

S. Krivanek, RN, BS, Clinical Research Coordinator
Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center


"We thought the (June 14) material was timely and very well presented. The presenters were knowledgeable and we felt the entire presentation was excellent"

J. Derrick, RN, PI Analyst, Arkansas Heart Hospital