What we do

DASpecialists provides remote-access data abstraction and support service models which are customized to meet each hospital's unique internal needs andrequirements.

DASpecialists assists hospitals to meet CMS, Joint Commission (TJC), HQF, IHI and other measurement specifications for performance monitoring and payor requirements through the use of professional abstraction personnel for data collection, data abstraction and data entry into each hospital's existing measure software system. We provide cost-effective retrospective and modified concurrent abstraction solutions for numerous voluntary and mandated outcome measures via remote access to your hospital's EMR and other applicable applications.

Every hospital's needs are unique

DASpecialists provides remote-access service models which are customized to meet each hospital's unique internal needs and requirements.

Remote Access Service Models are exceptionally cost-effective and are available for hospitals using either paper medical charts and/or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) internal systems. Remote Access service models are generally preferred by most hospitals due to reduced travel expenses and limited internal workstation space. Detailed procedures for each custom service model will be outlined during consultations. DAS' experienced abstractors work with all Performance Measurement Systems (PMS) approved by CMS and TJC or other organizations and utilize each hospital's existing internal software unless otherwise requested. All service models meet HIPAA compliance guidelines and are monitored by a trained and certified HIPAA Administrator.

Each service agreement outlines DASpecialists' Quality Assurance procedures developed specifically for each project.

The Top 5 Reasons to partner with DAS

  • Improving validity and reliability of data through the use of redundant quality assurance procedures
  • Reallocating resources including existing personnel back to PI processes to affect meaningful change
  • Reducing data collection and abstraction overhead - improving your hospital's bottom line. Hospitals find they save thousands of dollars utilizing DAS' services!
  • Providing audit and feedback reports for performance outcomes including trending
  • Developing pre-emptive strategies for measure changes and new initiatives

Let's Talk!

DASpecialists would like to request the opportunity to develop a proposal (at no obligation) for your consideration. We are confident you will be pleased with the cost-effectiveness of our services.

Our proposals utilize information on number and types of cases, number of dedicated personnel, current overhead costs, etc., which will enable your facility to make an accurate cost comparison and cost savings. 

Call us at 336-684-7253 today for more information or email at support@daspecialists.com.